.   This year, we are focused at driving QUALITY content and have changed our sponsorship model to provide more value for both sponsors and participants!

New Sponsorship Model:

·         Access to email addresses of ALL who register for ANY of the events (not just 1 but the entire series)
·         Sponsors presence will be included in ALL events for the calendar year
o   name/logo/link will be included on our site and in our email communications
o   you will be able to circulate any marketing materials/publishing’s in all events (Please note that other sponsors materials may also be present)
·         Sponsorship is limited to ONLY 6 Sponsors and the cost may range from $500-$900 (pledge to cover cost for a single event @ $20pp)
·         You may also participate as a speaker on topics of interest (free) but should refrain from any product/service/company marketing or sales pitch (Deliver Focused Content)

Speaker & Event Day:

·         Speaking opportunity is free & available to all participants (not limited to sponsors only)
·         There may be multiple speakers who cover different aspects of the topic on event day
·         Speakers should refrain from any product/service/company marketing or sales pitches
·         Events will be held at private banquet rooms at McCormick’s & Schmick’s  from 11:30-1 p.m. with speakers starting promptly at 11:50-12:50.
·         We will give a shot out to all sponsors and ask them to introduce themselves in 1-2 mins towards the end of the presentation

How this differs from the previous Sponsorship Model?
Previous Model provided full ownership of a SINGLE event that the sponsor was funding and only gave them access to the list of attendees from that one event.  It also gave sponsor the center stage for the entire duration of the event.   New model is geared towards building a partnership with sponsor for the entire year and providing equal return to all sponsors with delivering more focused/relevant content to attendees.

2015 Houston WAW: 6 Part Digital Analytics Series:

1. Intro to Digital Analytics & Tag Management 1. January 28
2. Advance Dashboards/ Adhoc Analysis (Visualization) 2. March 25 or 26
3. Mobile Web & App Analytics 3. May 27 or 28
4. Testing & Personalization Analytics 4. July 29 or 30
5. Marketing & Social Analytics (display, paid search & Social) 5. September 23 or 24
6. The big picture (summing it all up)  6. November 11 or 12

*May be subject to change