For Speakers

Do you have Data Driven Result that you would like to share with others?  If so, we would like to hear from you.

Please reach out to Kashif Khurshid ( to get scheduled.

Speaker & Event Day:
  • Speaking opportunity is free & available to all participants (not limited to sponsors only)
  • There may be multiple speakers who cover different aspects of the topic on event day
  • Speakers should refrain from any product/service/company marketing or sales pitches
  • Events will be held at private banquet rooms at McCormick’s & Schmick’s  from 11:30-1 p.m. with speakers starting promptly at 11:50-12:50.

WAW Event Formats:
It is by no means required to have a "presentation" or even a structured format. WAWs are first and
foremost, for networking. But, introducing some structure and some content can:

1. A “No-­Format” format. Just meet and network!
2. Short presentation on a product or challenge (20 min. max) allowing time for plenty of
3. For vendors, have a "no pitches" rule. “Instead ask sponsors to present a business case,
review their product features and how they differentiate from competitors, or provide
thought leadership”. (From a Boston WAW organizer comment)
4. Vendor panel: invite multiple vendors in a specific area (web analytics, A/B testing, voice
of the customer) and then moderate a session asking about both the space and their
5. Have different people present a quick tip -­ keeping each to 5 minutes or less (Similar to
the ACCELERATE conference format)
6. Have practitioners rather than vendors present: case studies, best practices, or even
peer problem-­solving sessions
7. Have a round table or un-­conference format around the state of SEM/SEO/analytics
8. Have a competition of sorts — having attendees bring their “best stuff” on a topic or a
challenge;; maybe even trying to have a prize of some sort to the “winner”
9. Have “Present a Challenge” and have someone moderate the discussion
10. For smaller groups, have a round table discussion, where individuals can share a
challenge or success they have had and get input or feedback from the group
11. Audience Segmentation exercise -­ using letters A,B,C,D,E, etc on the wall -­ ask
questions (web analytics platform used, mobile device used, most used social media
platform, or even favorite type of vacation) and have people go to various letters
depending on their answers. A moderator can then ask questions/details of each group.
12. Provide a thought provoking or hot topic in the analytics area that attendees can use as a
conversation starter as they network


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